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Here's how it works. First, please fill out the form below. We will then send you an email with your affiliate number.
Next, you add a link to one or more pages on your web site pointing to a special PHP page on our web server. This PHP page will gather visitor's IP address together with your affiliate number and redirect the visitor to one of Xtreeme's product pages. The whole process is based both on a server-side technology (tracking visitor's IP address) and cookies to make sure all leads are properly counted. When the visitor downloads a test version of our product and later on (can be a few weeks later) comes back to Xtreeme's web site (through any URL), and goes to the order page, we compare visitor's IP address with the addresses stored in the database (plus we check for the cookie). If we find a match (that is, if it's a visitor who at least once in the past came to our web site from your page), we pass your affiliate number to SWREG.
SWREG is an online store which sells all our software. They have a special affiliate program (you can find out more here). The rest of the ordering process is handled by SWREG. Once the sale is completed, your 25% commission is added to your affiliate account with us.
Please note that the minimum payout is $50 if you wish to be paid by PayPal or $500 if you wish to be paid by bank transfer.
NOTE: We specifically disallow providing links to our website in email messages. We will not send out any payments to affiliates who provide their affiliate links in any other manner than by placing them on their website.
Affiliate commission
Your commission on all sales is 25%.
This affiliate program only covers the following products: DHTML Menu Studio, Search Engine Studio, FollowUpExpert, MailExpert and Scheme Designer. Please see websites of our other products (e.g Planyo) for our remaining affiliate programs.
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