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Why do pop-up menus appear behind form items such as drop-down lists or text boxes?
Note: This problem no longer occurs in version 2.5 of DHTML Menu Studio. If using version 2.5, you'll only need to change the option in options/graphical appearance/popup menus/force popups to appear over form items to 'yes'. This is a work-around that fixes the 'bug' of Internet Explorer. The only drawback to this solution is that the partial transparency will not work for the popups.
The following instructions concern DHTML Menu Studio version 2.0
This is a standard feature of some browsers. In Internet Explorer only drop-down lists appear in front of pop-ups, and in Netscape 4.x all form items cause this problem. In newer versions of Netscape and other browsers, the problem doesn't occur.

The only possible solution to this problem is to add JavaScript logic that hides the form items when a pop-up menu is displayed, and displays them when all pop-up menus are closed.

You will need to insert the problematic form items into a div tag with id="HideItem", e.g.:

<div id="HideItem" style="position:relative">
If you don't need this feature to work with the old Netscape 4 browser, you can simply set the id attribute of any element to 'HideItem' (not necessarily a div element), also without the need to set the position to relative.
Please note that if you want to hide multiple code fragments on the page, simply insert them inside similar items with id's set to HideItem2, HideItem3, HideItem4 etc.