DHTML Menu Studio FAQ

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Either the top-level menu bar is not displayed on the output page or the pop-ups don't expand. Why?
This is most likely caused by choosing incorrect output options in DHTML Menu Studio (another possible problem which occurs when combining the menu with other JavaScript code which uses the onLoad handler is explained here). In other words, the browser cannot locate the menu files (either the bitmap files or the .js JavaScript files) using the HTTP paths you entered in Options / Output. This means that either the HTTP paths are incorrect or the actual files haven't been correctly uploaded or copied to the target directories. Below is a short description of all the output options which need to be set correctly.
The option "Output directory for menu files (images and scripts)" can be any directory on disk. This is where the menu files will be saved by the program.
The option "Menu files directory" should be set to an HTTP path such as "http://www.mydomain.com/menufiles" or simply "/menufiles" but it is important that the images and scripts generated by the program can be actually accessed from this location (directory) on the web server. Please note that when generating for local / CD-ROM targets, you can also set this to a relative path such as "menufiles" or "../menufiles" but you should realize that relative paths are dangerous since you will only be able to insert menus (in relative directories configuration) residing in a single directory on disk.
If you leave the option "Menu files directory" empty, the menu files will need to be found in the same directory as the web page which includes the menu. Please note that again, it is better to use absolute paths and define this option an an absolute HTTP path.