DHTML Menu Studio FAQ

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I'm using the menu on a server-side (e.g. PHP/ASP) page. How can I include server-side code in menu item links/names?
You have two options. The first solution is to take advantage of the dynamic menu creation feature (Pro version only) which will allow you to take full control over the menu items -- you can find out more in the 'Dynamic server-side generation of menus' section of program help or see a sample here.
If you have the Std version or don't wish to use this feature, you can simply include PHP or other server-side code in the 'item text' or 'destination URL' fields, e.g. Text <?php echo $abc; ?>. In order for this to work, you will also need to change the option in options / output / create a separate file for JavaScript code -- set this option value to NO. Otherwise, the menu items will be included in an external .inc file not processed by the PHP engine.