DHTML Menu Studio Features

Features Standard Edition Professional Edition
DHTML Menu Studio menus will work with all popular browsers: Internet Explorer 6+, Netscape 6+, Opera 7+, Mozilla 1+, Safari, Firefox on all popular platforms: Windows, Unix, MacOS. sitexpert sitexpert
You can create as many DHTML menus, for as many web sites as you like, when you purchase a single license of the program. sitexpert sitexpert
The output code generated by the program is compatible with the XHTML 1.1 standard. sitexpert sitexpert
Now you can insert items into the menu dynamically, from a server-side script such as ASP, PHP or ColdFusion. This is very useful if you want the menu to reflect a structure stored in a database or enable/disable items based on user's permissions. sitexpert
The program creates different JavaScript files for different browsers, so that with any single browser only the necessary code will be loaded. The JavaScript code is highly optimized using an internal optimizer to further increase loading time. On top of this, the program generates only as much code as necessary -- all the functionality not selected in the options (e.g. certain effects) will not result in unnecessary code being generated. The size of the output code is usually around 12KB (depending on the selected features and target browser the size is guaranteed to be between 8KB and 21KB) sitexpert sitexpert
You can use image-based backgrounds for the menu (also with roll-over effect), coming up with amazing results (the program comes with tons of such bitmap schemes created by professional artists). Since the top level menu bar items can be created in form of images, you can choose the coolest fonts and be sure that your visitors will see them the same way. You can even choose to anti-alias the top-level menu texts for an even nicer result. sitexpert sitexpert
You can apply a number of visual effects to the menu (such as partial transparency, fading, roll-over, shadow, glow effect, or keeping the menu on top of the browser page at all times). sitexpert sitexpert
Even though you can easily create your own designs, why not choose from tons of existing designs (most are bitmap-based schemes designed by professional artists) which you can also customize any way you want. sitexpert sitexpert
The menu structure can be imported/exported in XML format. sitexpert sitexpert
There's an option that you can switch on in order to make your menus search engine friendly. In such case the whole structure (all links) can be found by search engines such as Google. sitexpert sitexpert
Menus can be easily integrated into your existing frame-based or frameless site design. It's up to you to decide in which frame / window the menu item links will open and in which frame the popups will appear. sitexpert sitexpert
Menus are built on demand so the loading time is kept as short as possible. Also, the output script is compressed to ensure fast loading time. If image-based menus are created, the images are pre-loaded to ensure smooth roll-over effects. On top of this, the user can scroll between popup menu items if a popup menu with lots of items doesn't fit on the screen. sitexpert sitexpert
You can easily include any number of horizontal / vertical DHTML drop down menus into a single web page or multiple web pages. sitexpert sitexpert
You can now have the menu track the currently visited page (it's highlighted in the menu) -- this works also for frame-based configurations. sitexpert sitexpert
The program can optionally create PHP / ASP / SSI / JSP / FrontPage / ColdFusion includes or use a DreamWeaver template so you can easily embed the menu into an existing website (on one or multiple pages) -- even if your web site is frame-based, you can visually click on the frames where specific menu parts will be displayed. The built-in assistant will help you go through this process. sitexpert sitexpert
Tons of options presented in a clearly categorized tree view can be used to choose every possible aspect of the menu, from with the graphical appearance and effects, to integration method with existing website and desired functionality. sitexpert sitexpert
You can have the program upload the output files automatically to an FTP server or to a local / network disk. sitexpert sitexpert
You can easily match the menu colors with the color scheme of your website. If using image-based menus, you can modify the image coloring (e.g. changing a reddish scheme into a bluish one) by changing the hue/saturation/luminance settings. If not using image-based menus, you can also choose different colors for different popups creating a very nice visual effect. sitexpert sitexpert
Informative and clear user interface: at every moment you can preview and test the menu by using the preview window. The menu structure is also built in a visual way, just as the final menu will look. sitexpert sitexpert