What's new in DHTML Menu Studio

Latest version:
Changes in v5.0.0.150

  • Menu script update that fixes 'onLoad' event usage conflict.
Changes in v5.0.0.146

  • Menu structure panel issue with unintentional items' move fixed.
Changes in v5.0.0.143

  • The menu scripts are updated to support latest browser. The most important change is that IE8 is fully supported now.
  • Completely redesigned user interface. Now the program window is divided in there tabs that correspond to the workflow of designing a menu. First, you create menu structure, next you can choose menu appearance and finally you setup output options and generate your menu.
  • Redesigned menu gallery that allows you to browse and preview DHTML menu designs installed on your machine.
  • A few new appearance options that allow you to better position text of pop-up menu items.
  • Note: this version of DHTML Menu Studio doesn't come with plug-ins for Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression Web or NetObject Fusion any more. Instead, we offer standalone plug-ins for Dreamweaver, FrontPage and Expression Web that are sold separately. Please visit http://www.xtreeme.com/dreamweaver-menu/, http://www.xtreeme.com/frontpage-menu/ and http://www.xtreeme.com/expression-web-menu/ to learn more about these products.
  • The sound feature is removed because of incompatibility with latest browsers.
Changes in v4.0

  • version 4.0.1 fixes some problems with the new vertical no-popup menu style
  • new Adobe GoLive CS2 Extension has been added -- you can now add menus to Adobe GoLive with just a few clicks with the built-in GoLive extension
  • new menu style (vertical menu only): this style doesn't use popups, but instead, expands vertically to show sub-items directly under the parent item
  • synchronization with currently visited page: you can now have the menu track the currently visited page (it's highlighted in the menu) -- this works also for frame-based configurations
  • dynamic menu creation: added support for ColdFusion
  • XHTML 1.1-compatible output
  • more options for precise positioning of popups
  • possibility to open .sx (SiteXpert) documents
  • possibility to import/export structures in XML format (SiteXpert-compatible or any other with help of an XSL transformation)
  • improved plugin for FrontPage -- it no longer requires re-uploading all site pages when publishing
  • you can now click on the outside-most area of top-level menus
  • solved problem when using the IE work-around for showing popups over form items together with HTTPS sites
  • added option to make menus search-engine friendly (whole structure can be indexed by search engines)
Changes in v3.0

  • Microsoft FrontPage 2003 Add-in, Macromedia DreamWeaver MX Extension, NetObjects Fusion Component: If you're using FrontPage, DreamWeaver or NetObjectsFusion to create your websites, inserting a menu is now easier than ever! You no longer have to worry about setting up ANY output paths or other advanced options. This also solves all problems with the use of relative of absolute links. The program's assistant will guide you through the process of embedding a menu into a FrontPage,DreamWeaver or NetObjects Fusion-based website with the use of the plugin.
  • Output HTML code gets validated by the W3C validator
  • Smaller code size thanks to leaving out support for the ancient browsers (Netscape 4, Internet Explorer 4, Opera 6) -- all these browsers together now account for a small fraction of 1 percent of usage on the Internet
  • You can now individually set colors of menu items (text and background color) and font style (bold, italic)
  • You can now determine width and background color of any single popup menu
  • You can add vertical whitespace separators to popups by entering '-' in item text
  • Items without links can now optionally not get highlighted when hovering over them -- this together with the usage of separators allows grouping popup items in a visually attractive way
  • New option: in options / popup menus / transition effects / delay before opening popups, you can add a short delay before opening of popups so that visitors can shortly hover over other menu items without the currently opened child popup getting closed -- this works just like the menus in Window's Start menu preventing the currently opened popup from getting accidently closed
  • Some popup blockers (e.g. in FireFox) will no longer catch items opened in a new window
Changes in v2.5.1

  • Fixed the work-around introduced in v2.5 for the popups appearing behind form items (Q3008). The original work-around had a problem when popup's position changed (when it didn't fit on the screen).
Changes in v2.5

  • Menu item icons: menu items can now use left / right icons
  • Solution for the IE problem of form items (Q3008) appearing in front of popups (needs to be set specifically in options/graph. app/popup menus/force popups to appear over form items)
  • Work-around for frame problems relating to browsers' security feature (Q3017): the menu no longer stops working when one of the frames comes from an external domain. In case of the popup frame, if it comes from an external domain, the popups are now created in the top-level menu frame; going back to the original domain makes the popups once again work as normal.
  • Better template support: now the templates can be automatically re-imported (clicking 'generate' will re-import the template, remove the old menu code and automatically insert the new menu code into the template file). Also, the output options are (optionally) automatically set if a template file is used.
  • Sound effects available for item hover/click/popup open events
  • New effect: popups can now appear with the scroll effect
  • Problem of arrow alignment in some vertical top-level menus no longer exists
  • Even easier embedding of menus into custom pages: the head include has been removed and the menus can now be embedded using a single include in the body section
  • More options for customizing the popup scroll effect
  • Improved border options
  • Many new cool bitmap designs
Changes in v2.0

  • scheme gallery: now you can preview all available schemes in the gallery window
  • lots of new schemes added (including many new cool bitmap schemes)
  • possibility to modify any bitmap scheme's colors to match the color scheme of a website
  • new style of bitmap schemes: now the top-level menu items of bitmap menus have a cool hover effect
  • dynamic creation of menus (Pro only): you can now use server-side scripts to dynamically add items to the menu. You can use this feature to set menu contents based on currently logged-in user or parameters passed to the page
  • integrated ftp upload
  • you can copy/paste menu items / submenus between documents
  • improved user interface of the assistant
  • new file format (.dms) -- note that you can still import old .sx documents into the new version
  • you can now specify a fixed (or percentage-based) total with of the top-level menu bar for easier integration with your website
  • you can choose to always underline all links, never underline them, or underline on hoven in both top-level and popup menus
  • option to make items bold on hover
  • improved performance of bitmap menus with Internet Explorer
  • multi-colored backgrounds for text-based menus: you can now have a different background color for each popup menu
  • you can now keep the top-level menu always visible (on top of other elements of the page) on the browser page, even when scrolling down into the page