FollowUpExpert - autoresponder software for Windows

Automate your e-mail marketing

  • Powerful follow-up capability increases your sales (drip marketing)
  • Works on your desktop under your full control
  • Helps prevent spam accusations by:
    • collecting subscription information
    • processing bounces (invalid emails)
    • automatically handling unsubscribe requests
  • Lets you personalize your messages to maximize the effectiveness
  • Over 10 years of experience
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Latest version: 4.5 build See changes
Language version (UI): English



  • "Without a doubt in my mind, the purchase of FollowUpExpert has been of significant value to our business and I would recommend it to anyone."

    Chris Pallett -- Bespoke Computing Ltd

  • "Your product is much better than other desktop autoresponders out there. Ask me -- I have a handful! Every one of them has some good points. But the only one with a clean interface and easy to learn and operate is yours."

    Bob Kohli

  • "I give your program the thumbs up - it's the best I've seen, the simplest to use, and so far, looks like the most reliable. It has paid for itself many times over already in the short time that I have had it :-)"

    Brent Price

  • "I don't know how I found this guy, most packages I found with this kind of power run well over $200 per year! We get it for a little over $100 for life!!"

    Dr. Rick Mayer, Oasis Wellness Inc.

  • "The most brilliant tool to successfully keep in contact with prospects, clients and associates. Xtreeme FollowUpExpert works GREAT. BRILLIANT! :-)"

    Jeremy Brewerton, Computer Generated Income Online

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OSWindows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
ProcessorPentium or newer
Disk space30MB