Importing Subscribers

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For a quick start, I recommend reading: Tutorial: Importing Subscribers from File


FollowUpExpert can import addresses from tab-delimited and comma-separated text files (see: Supported Data Formats).


After you click the “Subscribers” tab, click the “Import” button, and choose “From file” from the pop-up menu. Then select the file to import from, and click “Open”.


The program tries to automatically detect the format of the file. If it gets it wrong, you can choose the right format using the "Format" drop-down list. For a list of supported formats see: Supported Data Formats.


Usually the file consists of several columns containing information such as email address, name, phone, city and so on for every person listed there. Sometimes the first row contains the names of the columns and sometimes it does not. FollowUpExpert tries to detect that but if it makes a mistake, you can use the option labeled "The first line contains column names" to override its choice.


Example (file with column names):


Email,Name,Phone,City,Country,Joe Public,111 111 111,London,UK,Kate Jordan,222 222 222,Washington,USA



Example (file without column names):,Joe Public,111 111 111,London,UK,Kate Jordan,222 222 222,Washington,USA



Finally, select fields to which each column in the file is going to be saved to by choosing the target field for every column you want to import.


Import 1


To create fields for columns such as phone, city, country, and so on, use the "Manage Subscriber Fields" button.


Click "Import" to load the subscribers into the mailing list.


Hint: FollowUpExpert will remember your choices. If you ever want to import from the same file, the next time around you are not going to have to select the target fields all over again; the program will preselect them for you based on your previous choices.


Click "Import" to start the import process. If the file contains duplicate email addresses, the program will ask you what to do about them; regardless of your choice the resulting mailing list will contain no duplicates.



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