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The main window of the application consists of three main parts: the toolbar, the main display area, and the status panel (see below).


Main Window 1




Creating New Items


To create a new item, click the toolbar button labeled “New” Click the item you want to create.



Editing Existing Items


To modify an existing item, select the item, and click the “Edit” toolbar button . Let’s say you want to change the name of an autoresponder. Select the autoresponder by clicking its icon, and click “Edit”. You may also simply double-click the icon instead.



Removing Items


Select the item(s) you want to remove, and click the “Delete” toolbar button .


NOTE: It may be a good idea to backup your configuration before deleting anything vital. Read this chapter to learn how: Creating Backup.



Sending and Receiving


The program downloads new mail as often as you choose (see Time Between Mail Downloads) but you may tell it to check for new mail immediately by clicking the “Send/Receive” button .


Sometimes you may want to pause background processing (receiving incoming mail, sending mail, and so on) to prevent the program from downloading and sending. Click the “Stop” toolbar button to pause. You can then click the “Start” button at any time to resume processing.



Using Other Toolbar Buttons


You can use other toolbar buttons to backup your configuration (see Creating Backup), change application options and get help.



Checking Status


The "Status" area allows you to monitor what is going on while the program is downloading new mail, processing it and sending (see Monitoring Program Activity). It also lets you create click-tracking links and check how many people clicked on each link (see Using Click-Tracking).



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