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»    Quick setup, very easy to use
»    Three built-in wizards: newsletter mailing list, discussion list and autoresponder
»    No banners or "sponsor ads"
»    No monthly fee
»    Fully personalized messages
»    Fully automatic operation
»    Send text or HTML e-mail messages
»    Connect to any number of POP3 servers
»    Built-in SMTP server
»    Very fast parallel sending engine
»    Automatic handling of invalid addresses
»    Import email addresses from a file
»    Use any kind of attachments
»    Simple integration with web forms
»    Looping protection
»    Optionally strip binary attachments for virus protection
»    Up to 64 custom fields per subscriber record
»    Easily customizable
»    Fully customizable HTML and text digests
»    Moderated discussion lists
»    Double opt-in
»    Add user-defined headers and footers to the messages
»    SMS support
»    Run as NT service
»    Support for regular expressions
»    Support for backup/restore

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Xtreeme MailXpert
Easy discussion mailing lists

Xtreeme MailXpert is a discussion mailing list server with email filtering capabilities.

Want to create a discussion mailing list to communicate with your friends or customers? And you don't have a year or five to spend learning a new program? You are home.

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Unlike web based "free" services the software runs on your own machine so that you are in full control. And you pay only once and can keep the software for life.

No advanced computer skills or programming experience required. Perfect for newbies!

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Standard Edition

US $59 (free trial)
>Quick setup, very easy to use
>Three built-in wizards: newsletter mailing list, discussion list and autoresponder
>No banners or "sponsor ads"
>No monthly fee
>Fully personalized messages
>Fully automatic operation
>Send text or HTML e-mail messages
>Connect to any number of POP3 servers
>Built-in SMTP server
>Automatic handling of invalid addresses
>Import email addresses from a file
>Optionally strip binary attachments for virus protection
>Easily customizable
>Fully customizable HTML and text digests
>Double opt-in
>Add user-defined headers and footers to the messages
>SMS support
>Support for regular expressions
>Support for backup/restore
 Professional Edition

$125 (free trial)
All features of Standard Edition plus:
>Very fast parallel sending engine
>Use any kind of attachments
>Simple integration with web forms
>Looping protection
>Up to 64 custom fields per subscriber record
>Moderated discussion lists
>Run as NT service
Download your free 500 message Standard Edition trial Download your free 500 message Professional Edition trial

Free email support during entire evaluation period.

Sample Testimonials

"At last software and service to match - We took a long time to evaluate various mail list software packages and when we finally decided on Xtreeme MailXpert we were well pleased with our choice.

Most of all we were impressed by Xtreeme's exceptionally high interest in client satisfaction and their level of dedication in making sure that any queries were sorted out quickly and efficiently.

I highly recommend this software package and company." 

Thomas Altmann, iTravelto.com  Read on...

"We have been using Xtreeme MailXpert to handle our large mailing list for years now. We have never had a problem with the software and any questions were answered in a very short period of time.

The one time purchase will be one of the best tools for the growth of your business. 100% Satisfied Customer." 

Matt Roy, Diecast Warehouse Inc.  Read on...

"I am greatly impressed with Xtreeme MailXpert and am delighted you have developed such a powerful system for everyday use. The range of features and options you offer is outstanding, and nothing has been left out of the program.

As I type this, Xtreeme MailXpert is working flawlessly answering web inquiries one after the other. Congratulations on a fine product. I would recommend it to anyone. " 

Gil Clark, Clark Select Properties, Inc.  Read on...

"In a world of spam, it's hard to run a legitimate email newsletter. We run an online music lessons site, and as such, we need to stay connected with over 100,000 subscribers.

For the last two years, we've been using another mass email program to send out our newsletter. In the last 4 months however, we've noticed that many of our email newsletters were going unread. After a lot of research, we found out that the program we used to use was making our newsletters getting flagged as spam!

We recently tried the trial version of MailXpert and have found it has no hidden agenda. We've done extensive testing, and our newsletters are now free of the spam label!! Needless to say, we have purchased the full professional version and are more than happy. " 

David Sprunger, www.PlayPianoToday.com  Read on...
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What do you need the software for?

Keep your customers updated

Mailing lists are an excellent means of letting your customers know about new releases, changes to your web site, new offers and so on. With MailXpert you can create a news board, import email addresses from an external file in no time. It will take just a couple of mouse clicks to get your mailing list up and running.


Support your product

Perfect support, according to your customers, should be 24/7 and free. Running a support mailing list can be. Plus, unlike the telephone support, you customers can control their time spent using the support; they can take a break at any time, have a cup of coffee and get back when itís best suitable for them. With another person on the phone itís not exactly that easy.


Create a discussion forum

Running a discussion forum creates a chance for the people sharing the same interest or a hobby to ďmeetĒ, share their knowledge and make friends with people from all over the world. Running a company-sponsored discussion forum is a great way of building mark-awareness among your potential customers.

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