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Scheme Designer for DHTML Menu Studio

Are you creative? Are you an artist? Use Scheme Designer to create new menu designs -- called 'schemes' -- for DHTML Menu Studio. Especially designs that incorporate bitmaps.

Now you can also sell your menu designs in our Shop. Visit the help section to learn more.
You can view menu schemes already available in our Shop here >>.

What Is a 'Scheme'?
A scheme is a template that defines the graphical appearance of a menu. After you add a new scheme to DHTML Menu Studio Gallery, you can use it to create new menus.

Scheme Designer lets you expand the number of menu designs available without having to buy new Gallery Packs.

Key Benefits

Creating a bitmap-based menu scheme for DHTML Menu Studio manually is a time consuming process. Using Scheme Designer it takes about a minute to create a scheme once you have the bitmap of the menu ready.

No need to know anything about INI files, SXS files and the like (see DHTML Menu Studio FAQ Q3031 if you like being frightened :).

It takes just one click to add a new scheme to the DHTML Menu Studio Gallery or to update an existing scheme.

What It Takes to Create a New Scheme
 Open the bitmap containing your menu design using Scheme Designer. Example bitmap:

 Mark the components of the menu to tell the program what goes where:

 Select fonts and colors for menu items and other options:

 Click one button to use the new scheme in DHTML Menu Studio:

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