Search Engine Studio FAQ

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Whenever I try to run a search, a download window shows up asking if I want to download (open or save) sessearch.cgi.
This is caused by either an invalid CGI script or invalid interpretation of the script code. Please note that you can always create a PHP output which is compatible with virtually all account types offered by ISPs.

Here are possible reasons for this error

1. If you manually upload sessearch.cgi (to an FTP server) and you don't use Search Engine Studio's built-in upload option, you must use the binary transfer mode. Text transfer mode would corrupt the file.

2. Please verify that you select proper operating system in options/search engine. You need to select a different OS for Unix-based servers.

3. It's possible that your ISP did not give you permission to run CGI scripts. Your web server may be also configured not to run executable (binary) CGI scripts but only text scripts (such as Perl). Please contact your ISP and ask them if you're allowed to run binary (compiled) CGI scripts.

4. You can usually run CGI scripts only in the directory specifically designated for this purpose (usually /cgi-bin). Again, please contact your ISP to find out in which directory you can save CGI scripts.

5. It's possible that your server is configured to interpret scripts with the .cgi extension as e.g. Perl scripts. In such case, you should change the name of the script file to sessearch.exe (options / search engine / filename of the CGI script).

6. Make sure the CGI script (sessearch.cgi) has the execute permission set for all users. You can check/modify this in your FTP program.
If using Windows / IIS click here for detailed set-up instructions