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How do I set up output locations in Options / Output?
First of all, you should choose whether to have the program upload the output files to an FTP server or to save them on local disk.
The option "Output directory for search box page files" is where the HTML page containing the search box will be saved by the program. Please note that if you choose to copy&paste the search box code, specifying this directory is not required.

The option "CGI / search scripts directory (HTTP path)" determines how the search box page should access the search script using either a relative or absolute HTTP path. If using the CGI script output, this should be set to an absolute path (such as "" or simply "/cgi-bin") pointing to the directory on your server where you have permission to execute CGI scripts. When using the PHP or offline output you can leave this option empty -- in such case the script and database files will be expected to be located in the same directory as the search box page. You should also set it to an absolute path (e.g. "/search") in case you want the search box to be available on multiple pages of your website (or CD-ROM).

It is important that the database (.sdb) and script files generated by the program can be actually accessed from this location (directory) on the web server (or CD-ROM).

The option "Output directory for CGI / search scripts" is the actual directory on local disk (or on the FTP server if using the upload option) where the database files and script files will be saved. You have to make sure that this directory is correctly represented as an HTTP path in the previous option. If the previous option was left empty, this should be the same directory as the one defined in "Output directory for search box page files" since the search script / database files are expected to be found in the same directory as the search box page.