Search Engine Studio FAQ

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What is the syntax of the search query?
The search scripts accept input in the following forms (please note that the PHP script version only accepts input using the first form and does not accept wildcard characters):
  • word1 word2 word3 -- searches for documents containing ALL of the listed keywords
  • "word1 word2" -- searches for documents containing the specified phrase, that is containing both word1 and word2 where word2 immediately follows word1
  • (word1 and not word2) or (word3 and word4) -- searches for documents for which the specified boolean expresion is true; please note that you can use the and, or, not operators as well as parentheses

You can also use wildcard characters (? and *), e.g. entering comput* will match all of the following words: computer, computers, computing. Another example is *tribut? which will match words like: contribute, attribute.

Please note that you can mix the above syntax, e.g.: "word1 word2" or "word1 word3". Another example: "*ord?" and not word1