Search Engine Studio FAQ

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What kind of search engine does this software generate?
Search Engine Studio can create the following types of search engines:
  • PHP script -- PHP scripts can be used on virtually any web server. The disadvantage of the PHP script is that it is much slower than the CGI version when a very large number of documents is indexed. Another disadvantage is that not all of features (e.g. wildcard, advanced expression search) are implemented in this version.
  • Binary CGI script -- custom, binary CGI scripts can be used on most web servers (ask your ISP to find out if they're supported on your server), whether Windows (IIS Server), Unix (Apache Server on Sun SPARC, Linux, FreeBSD) or MacOS (WebSTAR or Apache) based. The CGI version of the script is highly optimized, therefore it works lightning fast even when hundreds of thousands of documents are indexed.
  • Offline search -- This search target is useful for generating search engines for CD-ROM / DVD distributions. The search engine is implemented as both ActiveX control and a Java applet -- the search page detects whether the ActiveX version can be used and in case it can't (for non-IE or non-Windows based browsers), it switches automatically to the Java version. This ensures that the offline search will work for practically all up-to-date browsers including IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Mac Safari.
  • Java servlet -- This server-side search type is a good alternative if your ISP / web server doesn't allow you to run binary CGI scripts but supports Java servlets (e.g. Apache Tomcat or Sun's J2EE). The Java servlet currently has the same functionality limitations (comparing with the CGI version) as the PHP script.