Search Engine Studio FAQ

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What do I do with the output files created by the program?
Search Engine Studio will create the following output files (plus the search box page or HTML code which you can copy/paste into your pages):
  • dbXX.sdb -- database files (binary files)
  • header.htm / footer.htm -- HTML code for the search results page (text files)
  • sessearch.t -- search settings (binary file)
  • sessearch.cgi (binary) OR sessearch.php (text) OR sessearch.ocx+sessearch.htm -- the search engine script
The search engine script being generated depends on the 'target type' option specified in options / output.

If you're generating offline search, you can simply double-click sessearch.htm (or the search box page file if created) in Windows Explorer and the search will work immediately, no matter if the files are saved on a local / network disk or CD-ROM / DVD.

However, if you're creating a PHP or CGI script, you have to remember that these scripts need an HTTP server on order to be properly processed. If you try to double-click them in Windows Explorer, you'll most likely get the message 'Windows cannot open this file / select the program to open this file'. The solution is to copy all output files generated by the program (specified above) to a directory on your web server (sometimes it has to be a special cgi directory). If you have an IIS server on your machine or on your network you can copy the files with Windows Explorer (most likely the web server will be located at a location like C:\InetPub\wwwroot\). If you have a remote server, you'll need to upload the files with an FTP client (please note that it's best to have the program do it for you since it's important to upload certain files in binary or text mode).