Search Engine Studio FAQ

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The PHP version of the script returns strange code instead of showing the results.
The problem is most likely caused by your web server not supporting PHP scripts (even though a vast majority of ISPs allow running PHP scripts). If you're running the search on your own IIS server, you can install the PHP support for free (check out for details and downloads).
If your server supports PHP scripts but this still doesn't work::
  • Make sure you have version 4 or higher of PHP installed on server
  • Make sure you're not trying to run the PHP script in a directory where PHP code is not processed (e.g. inside cgi-bin)
  • Make sure the search script has the .php extension
  • Make sure you're accessing the php script using the HTTP protocol (in case this is done on a local machine) -- running the script by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer will not work
Please note that you can also use a binary CGI version of the search engine. You can switch to the CGI version in options/output/target type.