Search Engine Studio FAQ

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I get the "Page cannot be found" (404 Error) instead of search results.
This means that you have not correctly set up the directories in options / output or that you have not uploaded the output files to the web server (the problem is that your web server expects the search script to be located at the URL visible in the address bar of your browser).
To make sure you have correctly set up the directories, check the setting for 'CGI/search script directory -- HTTP path'. This directory should correspond to the output directory set in option 'output directory for cgi/search scripts' and usually should be set to '/cgi-bin' for CGI scripts. Please note that the search box uses this directory to reference the search script (sessearch.cgi, sessearch.php or sessearch.htm).
If you get the 404 error page not instead of the results page but instead of the actual documents referred to from the results page, see the question Q2032.