Search Engine Studio FAQ

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Why are the links from the results page are incorrect?
There are two most frequent problems causing this:
  • Documents were indexed using file structure mode (local disk scan) and the search is used on a website
  • Documents were indexed using the navigation mode (http scan) and offline search is being generated
In both these configurations (as well as others causing this problem) you need to specify a website mapping. You can do this by choosing 'website mappings' from the 'database' menu. A mapping is used to convert all documents' URLs within a common root to another set of URLs (using a different root).
In particular, when using a website-based search, the URLs cannot be relative. When indexing in the file structure mode, you will need to specify the following mapping:
'This mapping is for the website with root at:' -> leave this empty
'All docs inside the above root dir. will be mapped to:' -> set this to ''
(when the documents can be found at
When generating offline search, you will need to do the opposite, that is, create a mapping which will "strip" the common root such as (the mapping target should be left empty to strip this).
You can also define a mapping to convert paths, e.g.: ->
\\server\dir -> http://localhost/
Make sure you re-index all document after changing the mappings and re-generate/upload the search files.