Search Engine Studio FAQ

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How can I use server-side (PHP, ASP) code on the results pages?
You can do this by using the option: Output / Target Type / Scripting language wrapper. You should set it to the desired server-side scripting language (e.g. PHP wrapper, JSP or ASP.NET). This allows you to e.g. embed ads on the results page based on the keywords being searched. If this option is used, the search will be referenced as a script (e.g. ASP, PHP), and then this wrapper script will internally run the actual search script (CGI).
The other options should be set as usual, that is: output / http paths... / cgi-search scripts directory should be set to e.g. http://server/cgi-bin , and output / physical location... / output directory for cgi-search scripts must point to the physical location of the cgi-bin directory from the option above, e.g.: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\cgi-bin