Search Engine Studio Service

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Search Engine Studio Service is an Add-on for Search Engine Studio that allows you to schedule automatic updates of your search engine(s). Search Engine Studio Service is an NT/XP Service which means that is can be running even when you are not logged on your system account (e.g. after a system reboot).
Note: the service is sold separately and is not a part of the Search Engine Studio or SiteXpert package.
You can find more purchase-related information at: Search Engine Studio order page
If you don't wish to use the service, you can still use the standard Windows scheduler for simple tasks. Please see this FAQ question at
Still, using the service has some advantages over the standard Windows scheduler. The Windows scheduler allows you to set up task to be started periodically only. Moreover, the scheduler will work only when you are logged on your system account. This means, for example, that after your system reboot the scheduler will not work until you log on.
Search Engine Studio Service, on the contrary, allows you to update your search not only periodically or on selected days, but also when contents of a directory on local/network disk are modified, e.g. when one of the documents was changed, or when a new one was added. Moreover, since Search Engine Studio Service is an NT/XP Service, it doesn't need any system account to perform its tasks. This means, that the service will work even when you are not logged on your system account.
Additionally, Search Engine Studio Service UI (called Service Manager) allows you to add, remove and modify tasks for the service in a more convenient way.
For more information about Search Engine Studio Service, Service Manager and samples please see Search Engine Studio's help.