Creating Intranet Search Engines with Search Engine Studio

With Search Engine Studio you can create a company Intranet search which will be accessible from all computers on your network with a standard web browser. This is possible even if no HTTP server (e.g. IIS) is configured. It is also very easy to automate the process of updating the search databases e.g. daily or weekly.


How does it work?


Step 1. The network administrator uses Search Engine Studio to index the Intranet documents (HTML pages, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint or Acrobat PDF documents). The indexing can be based on one of the four available methods (based on directory scan, FTP scan, link crawler or XML file). For example, you can specify which files / directories should be indexed or you can have the indexer automatically crawl a website. This process is very flexible to make sure you can easily filter out unnecessary documents.


Step 2. Search Engine Studio saves all necessary output files on the server. There are generally two possibilities:

  • if you have an HTTP server (e.g. IIS or Apache) which can be accessed from the Intranet, you can have the program create a CGI script. In this case, the users will access the search engine using the HTTP protocol, e.g.: http://server/cgi-bin/search.htm
  • if you don't wish to use an HTTP server, you can create an ActiveX-based solution which will be accessible using UNC paths, e.g.: \\server\search\search.htm


Step 3. Integrate the search box with your existing website by adding the search box to your web pages. This will work with frameless or frame-based configurations. You will be presented with a short piece of HTML code to copy / paste into all pages where the search box is to be available.


Step 4. (Optional) Set up automatic database update so that the search engine can find newly added or updated documents.


How do I get started?


You can have your search engine up and running today! Simply download Search Engine Studio and let the built-in assistant guide you through the whole process by asking you a series of questions and showing you how to work with the program.


Security issues


If you want to limit access to certain search resources to specific user groups, you should create a few sets of databases (by simply configuring multiple Search Engine Studio documents with a different set of indexed documents). The search box would then contain an additional element (search section selector) where the user would choose amongst the sections they have an access to. Please note that the search engine will use your network's existing security mechanisms, physically banning access to the search scripts / databases in specific sections to certain users (e.g. the accounting search engine databases would be placed in the location where only the accounting dept users have an access to).