Creating Offline Search Engines for CD-ROM / DVD distributions with Search Engine Studio

With Search Engine Studio you can create an offline search engine capable of searching within your CD-ROM / DVD documents, such as HTML pages, PDF, text, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel documents. The search engine needs absolutely NO installation and will be accessible with a standard web browser while ensuring ultra-fast searches even when tens of thousands of documents are indexed.


How does it work?


Step 1. You use Search Engine Studio's user interface to index the documents to be transferred to the CD-ROM / DVD (HTML pages, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint or Acrobat PDF documents). This process is very flexible to make sure you can easily filter out unnecessary documents.


Step 2. Search Engine Studio saves all necessary output files, which will also need to be transferred to the CDROM / DVD. The search engine is based on a mixed ActiveX / Java applet implementation and uses its own, highly-optimized database engine. This is what makes it possible to create a search engine which does not need an HTTP server or special software. Unlike other offline solutions utilizing JavaScript, our search engine can index thousands of documents and return search results within a fraction of a second.

Note that the offline search engine will work on virtually all browser/operating system configurations. At first, it attempts to use the ActiveX control but in case the user is using a browser other than IE and/or operating system other than MS Windows, the Java applet will be automatically triggered. Thanks to this unique solution, the search can be used on other systems such as MacOS or Unix and other browsers (Netscape, Opera etc.).

Step 3. Integrate the search box with your existing CD-ROM navigation pages. This will work with frameless or frame-based configurations. You will be presented with a short piece of HTML code to copy / paste into all pages where the search box is to be available.


How do I get started?


You can have your search engine up and ready today! Simply download Search Engine Studio and let the built-in assistant guide you through the whole process by asking you a series of questions and showing you how to work with the program.