Creating Web Site Search Engines with Search Engine Studio

With Search Engine Studio you can create a website search residing on your own (or your ISP's) web server. This requires absolutely NO installation or set-up on the server thanks to our unique search technology which uses its own highly optimized database engine. It is also very easy to automate the process of updating the search databases e.g. daily or weekly which can be even automatically uploaded to your FTP server.


How does it work?


Step 1. The web master uses Search Engine Studio to index the website documents (dynamic or static HTML pages, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint or Acrobat PDF documents). The indexing can be based on one of the four available methods (based on directory scan, FTP scan, link crawler or XML file) but usually using the crawler will work best since it ensures all web pages available to the visitor are indexed. This process is very flexible to make sure you can easily filter out unnecessary documents. It also allows you to index password-protected areas of your document as well as dynamic web pages (e.g. ASP, PHP-based). Another advantage is that the program performs a link verification -- all invalid links will be reported after the indexing process.


Step 2. Search Engine Studio saves all necessary output files on local/network disk or uploads them to your FTP server. There are two possible output types for website searches: a binary CGI script (pre-compiled for IIS and Unix servers) or a PHP script (compatible with all server types). The advantage of using a PHP script is that it is supported by virtually 100% of ISPs. However, the CGI script version provides a superior performance even when hundreds of thousands of documents are indexed. Check out our sample with 140,000 documents indexed.


Step 3. Integrate the search box with your existing website by adding the search box to your web pages. This will work with frameless or frame-based configurations. You will be presented with a short piece of HTML code to copy / paste into all pages where the search box is to be available. Alternatively the program can automatically update your existing template (e.g. a DreamWeaver template).


Step 4. (Optional) Set up automatic database update so that the search engine can find newly added or updated documents.


How do I get started?


You can have your search engine up and running today! Simply download Search Engine Studio and let the built-in assistant guide you through the whole process by asking you a series of questions and showing you how to work with the program.