What's new in Search Engine Studio

New features in v6.0.1 (21 July 2010)

  • A fix in the Result Page Overview dialog functionality
New features in v6.0 (14 July 2010)

  • A possibility to display search results on the same page (through Ajax). Here you simply paste the generated search box code onto your web page. Once you run a search, the results will be put into an element of your choice or presented in the dynamic layer displayed over the whole page without reloading the page.
  • Search hints box shown when a user types a query text. The box shows queries that are most frequently entered by users and that match the currently typed phrase. Note that this feature requires PHP5 and SQLite3 support.
  • Secure SFTP/FTPS file upload. The SSH (SFTP) and SSL/TLS (FTPS) protocols are supported.
  • A new option that allows running an authentication script before indexing starts. This allows you to index password protected areas of your online web site.
  • Date filters work in PHP and Java output types.
  • Minor bug fixes in search scripts.
New features in v5.0.11

  • Minor fix in search scripts.
New features in v5.0.10

  • MS Office 2007 documents support added (.docm and .xlsm files).
  • Offline search script updated.
New features in v5.0.9

  • MS Office 2007 documents can be indexed now.
New features in v5.0.8

  • Search scripts updated to fix an issue with parameters of PDF links on the results page.

New features in v5.0.7

  • Automatic HTTP password usage in quiet mode issue fixed.

New features in v5.0.6

  • XSLT transformation usage in XML Location bug fixed.

New features in v5.0.5

  • Umlaut problem in Java offline script fixed.

New features in v5.0.4

  • a small preview issue fixed
  • new option for exporting URLs of indexed documents

New features in v5.0.3

  • Offline search script updated.

New features in v5.0.2

  • A small UI update.

New features in v5.0.1

  • A small PHP search script bug fixed.

New features in v5.0

  • new user interface
  • possibility to choose which parts of a document will be indexed and allow the end-user to search by them (e.g. to search in the whole document or only in a title, content or a custom meta-tag)
  • displaying each meta tag separately in a document's preview in the search results
  • new options and condition that allows better customizations of a result preview
  • improved preview speed
  • 'changed-only' indexing mode that allows re-indexing only those documents that have been modified since last indexing (especially useful when just a small part of documents has changed)
  • simplified usage of a result page template
  • more small improvements have been added

New features in v4.0.13

  • MS Office documents converter metadata extraction bug fixed.

New features in v4.0.12

  • TXT documents indexing updated

New features in v4.0.11

  • Exclude Document Parts small bug fixed

New features in v4.0.10

  • iframe-embedded documents indexing bug fixed

New features in v4.0.9

  • small whitespace processing bug in queries fixed

New features in v4.0.8

  • big documents phrase search updated

New features in v4.0.7

  • a small problem with parsing titles of non-HTML documents fixed

New features in v4.0.6

  • added PHP 5 compatibility
  • small bug fixes to offline search

New features in v4.0.3

  • Office documents can be indexed without MS Office installed
  • content preview for full phrase searches now only highlights entire phrases and not single keywords
  • the crawler can find Javascript-based links
  • you can now exclude parts of websites that you don't want to be indexed (e.g. a common header found on all pages, a menu etc.) -- you will find this in the database menu / excluded document parts
  • command-line mode (or a menu option) can be used to remove a list of URLs provided as an XML file
  • log files created on server can now be imported directly into Excel (tab-separated)

New features in v4.0

  • version 4.0.1 fixes some problems with indexing of PDF and Office documents when using navigation mode
  • improved indexing speed
  • new: possibility to use Search Engine Studio Service (sold separately): Search Engine Studio Service is an NT Service that can manage creation and update of your search engines automatically, even when you are not logged on your system account (important if e.g. your system reboots). This way, once you set up the service, you can have your search engines updated, depending on your settings, on the selected days time or as soon as the contents of a folder/its subfolders change. This allows you to easily manage all your Search Engine Studio tasks with a very easy-to-use user interface.
  • the indexer can now crawl through Flash-based websites
  • Search Engine Studio now indexes a wide range of documents. Besides the ones it indexed already (MS Office/PDF/HTML/text docs) it can now index: OpenOffice documents, CHM (HTML Help), PostScript , Flash documents , Audio/Video/Image files: avi/jpg/mov/mp3/ogg/png/ram/rm/swf/wma/wmv , Archives: zip/gz/tar/tag/gz/z (contents of all files in an archive will be indexed)
  • PHP version will now accept phrases in form "exact phrase"
  • highlighted keywords in the search results can be freely formatted (they now use the 'b' class that can be given any CSS style such as a background color)
  • you can now set a 'please wait' message for the offline search (may be needed when search is run for the first time and ActiveX control or Java Virtual Machine take a few seconds to started)
  • passive mode added as an option to FTP transfers
  • more small improvements

New features in v3.0

  • UTF-8 support: search engines will now work much better with regional characters. Web pages encoded with any encoding will be properly indexed, the content preview will now correctly display regional characters, and the search query can be entered using English alphabet or using regional characters (e.g. ueber and ├╝ber will show the same results)
  • the Java servlet / applet version now includes ALL the features available in the CGI version (e.g. wildcards, boolean search, phrases)
  • the PHP version can now run AND, OR, and phrase searches and the results can use the different sort options
  • search for: all words / any words / exact phrase has been added to search box options
  • password-protected Office / PDF documents can now be indexed (and will no longer display any windows even if you don't want to index them)
  • more search box item possibilities have been added
  • the search results page by default uses css stylesheets (<font> tags are no longer used)
  • new search option (available in all search engine outputs): the users can now limit the search results to a specific document area, e.g. following searches can be executed:
    • search for all documents containing the word "xyz" in page title (or author etc.)
    • search for all documents containing the word "xyz" anywhere but whose subject contains "abc" (or author is such and such)
    • document area-specific queries can be used in any combination
  • more small improvements have been added

New features in v2.0.1

  • Corrected the problem of content preview displayed incorrectly in the Java applet version of the offline search.

New features in v2.0

  • better content preview (letter capitalization, white spaces)
  • URL filter can contain multiple root URLs
  • new Title Transformation Rules: this is a new tool which changes document titles during the indexing process. The titles that match a certain rule, e.g. containing a specific substring, can be modified. This is very useful to e.g. remove common prefixes/suffixes in some of the titles. You can either use regular expressions to fully customize the rules or simple add/remove/replace rules.
  • statistics: the search scripts now optionally log all search queries entered by the users. The log file can then be analyzed using the log analyzer application. Some of the possibilities of the log analyzer: you can see latest queries entered, queries without results, most frequent queries. You can also do the above operations using a filter to limit the log results to queries containing a specific substring. You can also open multiple log files and see a combined report.
  • indexing/generation log can be optionally generated to file
  • better template support: now the templates can be automatically re-imported (clicking 'generate' will re-import the template, remove the old search box code and automatically insert the new code into the template file).
  • you can filter out documents based on their title
  • more result sorting options
  • faster indexing
  • other minor improvements

New features in v1.2

  • Offline search no longer works exclusively in IE/Windows! Now, a Java applet version is available so the offline search will now work with almost all browsers (IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Safari) on different platforms (Windows, MacOS, Unix). The search page automatically detects if ActiveX control can be used, if not it switches to the Java applet version.
  • New server-side search type: Java servlet -- a great choice if your ISP doesn't allow running binary CGI scripts but supports Java servlets (usually requires Apache Tomcat)
  • ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP wrappers for CGI scripts (or Java servlets): With these wrappers, you can add server-side script code to the search results pages. This allows you to e.g. display targeted Google ads based on the search query entered by the visitor
  • New sorting option: now you can have the visitor decide how the results should be sorted: by document ranking, URL, file type, file size or date.
  • The search query is available as a parameter in the 'results page overview'
  • PDF DOC indexing: PDF and DOC documents are now listed by their title instead of file name. For DOC documents, the additional information (author, keywords etc.) is also indexed
  • 500 and 1000-document limits have been upgraded respectively to 1000 and 2000

New features in v1.1

  • new password manager -- with the password manager you can manage your login information so you no longer have to manually enter login/passwords while indexing password-protected websites
  • new results page overview: the results page is now fully customizable! You can define the looks/positioning/presence of the navigation elements (link to previous/next/specific results page) as well as result information elements (e.g. total number of results, number of results per page, first/last displayed result etc.)
  • new CGI script targets: Apple MacOSX, SUN Sparc / Solaris
  • you can now index multiple sources simultaneously (in the navigation, FTP, file structure modes of the indexer)
  • you can specify to ignore specified parameters in URLs (this is especially useful e.g. for removal of the PHPSESSID parameter sometimes added by PHP scripts)
  • robots.txt compliance: in the advanced options of the navigation mode indexer, you can define how/whether robots.txt should be use to filter out sections of your website
  • indexing of RTF documents
  • the ActiveX output is now digitally signed by VerySign (code 3)
  • the assistant has a new, nicer look
  • bug fix: specifying a database prefix in options/search engine now creates correctly named database files
  • improved date filters and more sample advanced search boxes