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I have used the Navigation Mode of Layout Wizard to scan my website but the layout created in SiteXpert does not reflect the layout on my website. Why does this happen?
You may need to change a number of options in Layout Wizard to correct this:
  • Make sure you have specified all required include filters. By default, only files with a few standard extensions such as htm, html, asp, jsp are indexed. If you are using very uncommon file extensions, please also go to Advanced Options and add these extension to 'HTML extensions'.
  • Check the 'If a file is referred to more than once' option. This will dramatically change the generated layout. For example, you can have all links of every page listed in the layout tree.
  • Try changing the 'Match layout with the original directory structure' option. Selecting this option will create a structure similar to the FTP (file and directory) structure of your website
  • If your website has links to external websites (other domains) you need to add the external websites which you want listed to the 'Allowed external web sites' list. This list is tightly connected to the 'When a link to a different website is found' option. Make sure both ar set correctly
  • You can limit the number of nested links Layout Wizard will follow by setting the 'Do not include files below level' option
  • You can prevent Layout Wizard from entering certain areas of the website by going to Advanced Options and adding filters to 'Ignored links'. You can also prevent Layout Wizard from scanning certain URLs by entering appropriate filter in 'Exclude file/URL filters'. For exmaple, entering* will not include any URLs starting with ''.
  • You can have Layout Wizard submit HTML forms if your website requires user input to access certain areas. You can set HTML form submitting options in Advanced Options by specifying which forms should be submitted
  • You can change the way frameset and frame pages are handles in Advanced Options
  • You can use the Suffix Builder (found in Advanced Options / Add-remove suffix) to exclude pages based on their description
  • You can add unwanted file groups to the 'exclude file/URL filters'
  • Check the 'Discover redirected URLs' in Advanced Options of Layout Wizard. In some cases, redirected pages may not be properly handled without setting this option
Please see program help (Layout Wizard / Navigation Mode section) for details about these options.