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How can I change document names generated by Layout Wizard?
There are two setting that define the way document names are formatted. First of all, you should decide where you want Layout Wizard to get descriptions from. You can choose between the TITLE tag, META tag, or text of referring link. Very often, if your TITLE tags are not well formatted, the option 'text of referring link' will work well.
Please note that you can also use a SiteXpert-specific tag to define document names especially for SiteXpert: <!-- <DESCRIPTION>SiteXpert-specific page description</DESCRIPTION> -->
This way you can keep your standard TITLE tags and use different names in SiteXpert. Of course you can also manually modify the names after Layout Wizard is finished.
Another important option can be found in Advanced Options of Layout Wizard (Default display name for files). You can choose of one the predefined formats or use Suffix Builder (click the 'Add/Remove suffix') to further customize the descriptions. Suffix Builder is a very powerful tool, you can have it add or remove suffixes based on item descriptions. You can find out more about it in program help (click the help button while in Suffix Builder).