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How do I import a structure from a database or another source into SiteXpert?
You can import data from external database using Layout wizard and then clicking XML mode. You will see the dialog box like this below:
Fig 1. Layout Wizard - XML options
In this step you define the source of XML data ('XML layout file' option), which can be a local/network path or URL. The XML document should conform to the following DTD (document type definition):

<!DOCTYPE sitemap [
  <!ELEMENT sitemap (node+)>
  <!ELEMENT node (node*|text)*>
  <!ATTLIST node
    icon2 CDATA #IMPLIED
    icon2pos (left|right) "right">
  <!ELEMENT text (#PCDATA)>
Here's a sample XML file that can be used:
    <node href="Cars/"> 
      <node href="Cars/BMW.htm" icon="c:\icons\caricon.gif" icon2="1"> 
      <node href="Cars/Porsche.htm" icon2="c:\icons\caricon2.gif" icon2pos="left"> 
      <node href="animals/" icon2="4" icon2pos="right"> 
      <node href="forests/"> 
      <node href="mountains/" icon2="c:\icons\c.gif"> 
If you have a different format of XML data, you can easily convert it to the above format by specifying an XSLT transformation file.
To allow Layout Wizard to process the XML file click the Finish button.
Note: XML mode is only available in Professional Edition of SiteXpert.
Warning: Using XSLT transformations requires Microsoft MSXML 3.0 (installed in Replace mode). Click here for download and installation instructions.