Features and differences between SiteXpert Standard and Professional Editions

Features Standard Edition Professional Edition Free
Portal Interface - creates a Yahoo-like portal interface sitexpert sitexpert
Highly customizable search engine generator which will automatically index your web site and create a search engine for your web server, intranet or offline search (e.g. CD-ROM distributions) ensuring security, flexibility and superb transfer and execution time. Search engine can index PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents as well as all other web pages (including dynamic pages such as ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, etc.) sitexpert
Fully customizable layout and graphical appearance sitexpert sitexpert
Link validation - invalid links (as well as the referring URLs) are reported at the end of scanning process sitexpert sitexpert
Scheme files allow building reuseable cool designs with one click sitexpert sitexpert
Easy embedding of a site map into your existing web page or multiple pages sitexpert sitexpert
Highly optimized and compressed JavaScript code ensures fast download times for your DHTML menus or site maps. Only the features actually used by the DHTML menu / site map are included in the JavaScript code. sitexpert sitexpert
Creation of Google Sitemaps and ROR Sitemaps (Resources of a Resource), including properties such as last mod. date, document priority, update frequency sitexpert
Support for frames in all styles sitexpert sitexpert
Automatic and customizable building of sitemap layout based on file/directory structure or navigational structure sitexpert sitexpert
Automatic uploading of output site map files to an FTP server sitexpert sitexpert
Automatic generation - you can set up SiteXpert to scan a web site, create an output object (e.g. site map, menu or search engine) and upload output files automatically, without any user input. This can be done every night or even every 5 minutes to reflect the changes in your website sitexpert
Integrated preview sitexpert sitexpert
Optional creation of PHP / ASP / SSI / JSP / FrontPage / ColdFusion includes sitexpert sitexpert
XML / XSL support which allows data exchange with other applications (for example you can export the tree structure to MS Excel for further processing or import the structure from a database) sitexpert
Advanced features of Web Site Navigation Manager such as merging multiple layout structures, merging multiple styles on a single page, or automatic insertion of menus into multiple web pages sitexpert
Accelerated scanning of a web site - navigation mode of Layout Wizard opens multiple, simultaneous connections to HTTP servers sitexpert
Support for huge tree structures (dynamic tree style) - folder contents are loaded only after the user clicks on a folder. This allows for creation of tree structures containing thousands of items sitexpert
Drop down list - a simple drop-down element sitexpert sitexpert
Tree (Java applet) - creates a Java applet, similar to dynamic tree style sitexpert sitexpert
Index page - creates an alphabetic index of a web site sitexpert sitexpert
Hierarchical diagram - creates an image (with links) in form of a hierarchical diagram with items inside boxes connected by lines sitexpert
Mega Folders - creates a navigation window with a number of subsequent folders for easy and advanced navigation sitexpert sitexpert
XSLT style - creates HTML output which is fully customizable. As an example, a scheme which exports a list of URLs and descriptions to Microsoft Excel is included sitexpert
Support for all major browsers (Internet Explorer 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, Netscape 4.x, 6.x, Opera 6.x, 7.x, Mozilla 1.x, Safari, Firefox); and all platforms (Windows, Macintosh and Unix) sitexpert sitexpert
HTML / DHTML output code (XHTML compliant) sitexpert sitexpert
Creation of DHTML pull-down menus sitexpert sitexpert
Dynamic tree style - creates expandable / collapsible DHTML site map tree sitexpert sitexpert
Static tree style - creates a standard, non-DHTML site map tree sitexpert sitexpert
Multiple Column List - creates a simple list of grouped elements sitexpert sitexpert
Dynamic creation of menus / site maps - You can dynamically insert items into your menu or hierarchical tree using server-side script function calls (e.g. PHP, ASP) sitexpert
The program can create sitemaps of Flash-based sites by crawling through links inside Flash documents in addition to HTML document crawling. sitexpert sitexpert
You can extract title (description) from a number of file formats (PDF, CHM, Microsoft Office Open Office, Audio/Video/Image files). sitexpert